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Throwing a birthday party? Having friends over for a Friday night dinner? MIMAS Foods can prepare for you ready to go catering packs. There is no cooking and no mess, simply heat and serve!  We have a variety of meal options to choose from. Please contact our office to discuss your requirements and let us feed you at your next event.

how to


1. Pre-heat oven to 160-180 degrees.

2. Place a layer of foil over MIMAS Frozen Selection.

3. Place MIMAS Frozen Selection into the oven.

4. Cannelloni: heat up for 30 minutes

    Lasagne: heat up between 30-45mins (depending on size of lasagne)

5. Lasagne: remove from oven and take foil off.  Put back into the oven without  

    foil and cook between 20-25 minutes.  

6. Serve both with a side of fresh garden salad and crusty bread.

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Beef Lasagne


Roasted Vegetable Lasagne



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