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About Mimas

MIMAS Foods is a wholly Australian family owned company established by lifelong friends who enjoy good food.  


Having the responsibility of raising their own children, they decided that there was a need for better quality food products, at an affordable price, to help families with their busy schedules in providing quick, easy and nutritious meals.  


Therefore, after dining out on one particular evening where pasta was on the menu, it was agreed that there is a need to make available better quality pasta for families


Our Products

By only using natural ingredients, with no artificial additives or preservatives, improving the nutritional value and flavour, became the MIMAS formula.  


With research and market sampling over a period of 13 months, a business plan was put together and in March of 1999, MIMAS pasta and sauces became available to the public in Melbourne.

MIMAS Foods does not enhance products with artificial flavouring or colouring, preservatives or genetically modified ingredients as we believe the foods that we make should be natural and fresh for the benefit of good health for young and old.

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